Employ A Reliable & Certified Promoter For Your Music Career!


Employ 360Hypes

Employ A Reliable & Certified Promoter For Your Music Career!

Employ us today!!, are you a talented artists? Music Producer, Video Director or any entertainment related personnel??
Here’s a lifetime opportunity for you, Employ a reliable, certified Online and Social media Promoter for your music, business career!!!
Your favorite online music and entertainment portal 360hypes.com is here again with a new offer for talented and vibrant upcoming acts, this offer is opened for both young and old upcoming acts from any country.
The team has recently come up with another offer where by young artist employ the brand 360hypes Media House for massive hyping, promoting of their tracks on top platforms and creating an artist page for each artists signed under our management.
There are lots of benefits associated with this dinamic promotion!!
1. As it was stated earlier, you have the chance to get an artist page: this page will comprises of all Info’s about you, your genre, your contacts, your brand, your social media handles and many more..
2. Once signed under our management, you’re entitled to a lifetime promotion on our platform and other partnering brands
3. Your song/track will always be included on our monthly and industry mixtapes which would always be hosted by top radio Disc Jockey’s in town!!!
4. Another benefit is that, your music link on our blog will be advertised on social media platforms using their premium Advertising Medium to reach out to more audience i.e we are going to promote and advertise your music on Premium Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Ads Which is a paid promo..
There are more hidden benefits for your because 360hypes Would be expanding into more countries before this year runs out!!!
So get in touch with use today, We Hype, We Promote You and make you an Exceptional Act.
Our Watchword and Motto is Exceptional!!!
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